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Nathalie Beaupré
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Forensic Healing Certified Practitioner
Working Hours: By appointment only
Rates: $70/60 mins
Package: Four sessions $200 (delivered as electronic gift certificates)
Payments Accepted: Paypal, Cash, Cheque

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Since becoming the first Canadian Forensic Healer, the thing I find myself talking the most about with people is toxicity.

How do I know if toxins are affecting my life?

Toxins come from:
  • Toxic air;
  • Toxic relationships;
  • Chemical additives (to food, clothing, plastics, paints, etc);
  • Yeast or bacteria in the body (i.e. mercury teeth fillings can not only leech a toxic heavy metal they impact the natural chemistry of the mouth);
  • Other chemicals in pesticides, perfumes, makeup;
  • Held emotions like anger and resentment; and even,
  • Addictions.

So HOW do you know? Forensic Healing will tell you.

Book your Skype (or in person!) session with me today. there is so much more...

Are you ready to take a big step ahead? To find out what emotions or reactions might be ailing you, book a Forensic Healing session with me.

Plus, every session includes an aura-chakra analysis. To find out what your chakras and aura might be telling you about life patterns and negative beliefs, book a Forensic Healing session with me and see yourself step into your light and power.


...and some things I care about, watch this informative video.

In the video, among other things, I touch on the importance of eating whole foods (i.e.: with limited processing). That alone will help cut out toxins. Pay attention to your body, listen to your best friend!

My whole foods, raw dehydrator recipes are on my blog. remember, don't go much over 105F!

Click here to read about my inspirational book.


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  • Biofeedback for Kids and Health
  • Raw Baby
  • Afforming VS Affirming
  • Chakra Readings with Rina, the Queen of Colour (Rina is also organizing chakra youth workshops)
  • Other expert guests


July 28, 2013
Herbfest (Almonte, Ontario).
I will be offering mini Forensic Healing sessions for $10.


How to Book a Consultation?

Call 1-819-457-4823 or e-mail You can also message me privately on Facebook.

Let's Skype! Include your time zone in your message and I'll be in touch with scheduling options.


I am proud to display the testimonials of many great people I have been able to help recently.
-- Nathalie Beaupré

I gained an insight into my pathway to well-being. I was pleased to learn that my aura was "shaman" - I consider that to also be my life's path. I felt reassured by my forensic healing session. Furthermore, healing by telephone call freed me to move as I needed to. It allowed me to focus on what Nathalie was saying in a way that would not have been possible if we had been together.
-- Wendy Joliffe, Gatineau, March 2013 (Phone session)

J'ai eu la chance de recevoir 3 traitements de Nathalie, dont le premier au tout début de sa formation. J'ai donc pu constater une belle et positive évolution des talents de Nathalie. Travailler avec de l'énergie humaine n'est certes pas facile et requiert une sensibilité aux divers détails de la vie. Nathalie a du talent. Définitivement. Merci.
-- René Laquerre, Ottawa, avril 2013 (session en personne)

Nathalie, I had one of my best days in memory even though it started out bad with me missing my morning routine and having the technological problems. I credit you for your clearing meditation. Besides the physical release that I share with you on the call, it brought a sense of perspective to my sub-conscious resulting in a feeling of well being and major accomplishments today in my personal life. You're "da bomb" girl.
-- Bob Miller, host of The Incredible Breakthrough Show (Radio)

(highlights stories of people who have either overcome challenges, are presently going through some life situations or people who have some wonderful resources to share that can be of assistance to others.)
Listen to the April 2013 interview here:

I loved Nathalie's Forensic Healing process. She was very thorough, sensitive and kind! I wholeheartedly recommend her!
-- Gloria Ford Nash, Illinois, April 2013 (Facebook chat session)

I feel lighter! Got so many confirmations to help me move forward! Very nice to connect in the presence of someone like Nath to help guide the energies (or understand them better!)
-- Christine Gamache, Gatineau, April 2013 (Live session)

First class customer service. You helped make me at ease. I have full confidence in the healing.
-- Vanessa Jones, UK, April 2013 (Skype session)

I was not familiar with the work of "Forensic Healing" prior to being introduced to it by Nathalie. Now that I have experienced it I can definitely see the value from the results I experienced from just one session. I was opened to a new way of healing from the inside that I can see tremendous insight into areas i would have never known i was stuck. I felt them but couldn't articulate them. Not only did we find what they were but there were actual healing processes to resolve the issues we found. Thank you Nathalie!
-- Diana Humphrey-Matteson, California, April 2013 (Skype session)

Nathalie offered an insightful and healing experience through Forensic Healing. She has the innate ability to listen and to delve into her clients issues with respect. Her genuine personality allows for her client to share and not be afraid of judgment or ridicule. This is very important, especially when the client has never gone through this type of exercise. I would definitely support Nathalie through her journey in Forensic Healing and recommend her to anyone I feel may benefit from Forensic Healing. Thank you Nathalie.
-- Suzanne Banks, Ottawa, April 2013 (Phone session)

I wasn't sure what to expect from a forensic healing session yet Nathalie's laid back approach put me immediately at ease. She picked up on issues that were currently affecting my life and offered exercises in the moment to help. It was incredible to feel the energy within my body shifting as I did them. Immediately afterwards I felt lighter yet more grounded. Over the following days I could still feel energy shifting allowing me to let go of energetic attachments to the past that were no longer serving me.
-- Tabi(tha) Jayne, UK, (Skype session)

Very powerful healing for me and lined right up with other personal development and healing things I'm doing. I am very glad to have the opportunity to work with Nathalie. She has a kind & gentle way about her during the healings that is very nice, yet her accuracy & intuitive ways make for strong & powerful healing results.
-- Mindy Sabatucci Schroeder, Forensic Healer, Connecticut, April 2013 (Skype session)

I like the tools that were given to me. The visualization, I felt, had a dramatic impact and the instructions about placing hand on heart and then allowing the healing to occur etc worked very well for me and was deeply moving.
-- Sean Cochrane, UK, March 2013 (Facebook chat session)

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